Country Garden Launches Public Benefit 'I Want to Read' Program Creating an Upsurge in Readers Across the Country
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With the cultural appeal of the CCTV programs – Chinese Poetry Contest and The Reader still lingering in people’s minds, Country Garden’s Services Management  Company launched a public benefit program – 'I Want to Read', in Country Garden communities across China, as a special Children’s Day gift to children at their homes. On June 1st, Country Garden’s Services Management Company and the All-China Women’s Federation held the official launch of the jointly sponsored 'I Want to Read – 2017 Community Public Benefit Tour in Hundreds of Cities' at Phoenix City Hotel in Zengcheng, Guangzhou.The Community Family Reading Popularization Plan was announced, and it was stated that, uniting the power of the owners of Country Garden properties across China, funds raised through the events would be donated to children in rural areas.. During the event period, more than 400 Country Garden communities will organize various colorful community events, such as online reading contests, neighborhood reading parties, and donations for children in rural areas. All these activities are aimed at contributing to the national reading plan specified under China’s 13th Five-Year Plan, and will further promote the national passion for reading. Furthermore, Country Garden will continue to practice its '5H' philosophy and build a 'friendly neighborhood', with 'Friendly Neighborhood' at the core of its brand culture.

The 'I Want to Read – Community Public Benefit Tour in Hundreds of Cities' will call on property owners to log in to the online reading platform, donate books to rural areas, and encourage the children there to join. A sense of participation is absent when it comes to those related to the public good, regardless of long-standing traditional activities or the booming Internet projects. As a result, many people wish to work for public good but never take action. The community public benefit projects promoted by Country Garden’s Services Management Company engages property owners in the events held in the very neighborhood where their families live. In this way, the enthusiasm for public benefit causes won’t be dampened due to distance.

Zhu Jianmin, General Manager of Country Garden Group, said, 'This year marks the 25th  anniversary of Country Garden Group. The 'Community Public Benefit Tour in Hundreds of Cities, I Want to Read' carries on the Group philosophy of 'Building a positive enterprise with a strong conscience and sense of social responsibility' by incorporating community cultural activities in the national public benefit project, 'Protect Childhood'. I believe that guided by the '5H' service philosophy of Country Garden’s ServicesManagement Company, the 'I Want to Read' program will motivate property owners to participate in public good, create greater family bonding and enhance spiritual well-being in families. Such community cultural events are highly valuable in supporting public benefit.

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